A Dance to the Music of Time (1997)

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A Dance to the Music of Time original title
A Dance to the Music of Time Canada English title
Horos sti mousiki tou hronou Greece transliterated title
Körtánc az idő dallamára Hungary
Taniec do muzyki czasu Poland
Un dans pe muzica timpului Romania
Una danza para la música del tiempo Spain
A Dance to the Music of Time USA
Typ: TV Mini-Series
Klíčová slova: female rear nudity, fortune telling, ritz hotel london, black shirt, reference to marx
Série: 1
Rok: 1997
Délka: 416 minutes
Země Rating
Singapore M18
United Kingdom 15
United States Not Rated
Rating: 7.5
Hlasování: 442
Jazyk: English
Země: UK
Žánr: Drama
Všechny žánry: Drama
Barvy: Color
Zvuk: Stereo
Jméno Role
Christopher Morahan (2 episodes, 1997)
Alvin Rakoff (2 episodes, 1997)
Jméno Role
Anthony Powell (novels) (4 episodes, 1997)
Hugh Whitemore (screenplay) (4 episodes, 1997)
Jméno Role
Lorraine Goodman associate producer (4 episodes, 1997)
Alvin Rakoff producer (4 episodes, 1997)
Hugh Whitemore executive producer (4 episodes, 1997)
Peter Ansorge commissioning editor (uncredited) (unknown episodes)
Jméno Role
Carl Davis (4 episodes, 1997)
Jméno Role
Gillian Barge Mrs. Erdleigh
Nicholas Jones Bob Duport
Simon Russell Beale Widmerpool
Robin Bailey Uncle Alfred
Jonathan Cake Peter Templer
James Fleet Moreland
Richard Pasco Sir Magnus Donners
James Purefoy Nicholas Jenkins
Paul Rhys Charles Stringham
Annabel Mullion Mona
Claire Skinner Jean
Adrian Scarborough JG Quiggin
Grant Thatcher Mark Members
Sarah Badel Lady Molly
Alan Bennett Sillery
Emma Fielding Isobel
Oliver Ford Davies Le Bas
Edward Fox Uncle Giles
Anastasia Hille Matilda
Nigel Lindsay Odo Stevens
Miranda Richardson Pamela Flitton
Zoë Wanamaker Audrey Maclintick
Michael Williams Ted Jeavons
Geraldine Alexander Susan
Carmen Du Sautoy Miss Weedon
Nicholas Rowe David Pennistone
Barbara Durkin Betty
Andrew Havill Sunny Farebrother
Osmund Bullock Erridge
Caroline Harker Priscilla
Tony Osoba Colonel Flores
Bryan Pringle Smith
Eileen Atkins Brightman
Sean Baker X Trapnel
Paul Brooke Maclintick
James D'Arcy Nicholas Jenkins as a Student
James Callis Gwinnett
Kevin Colson Louis Glober
Joanna David Isobel
John Gielgud St. John Clarke
Patrick Godfrey General Conyers
Luke de Lacey Stringham as a Student
Lucy Fleming Jean
Frank Middlemass Edgar Deacon
Christopher Lang Chips Lovell
Robert Lang Leonard Short
Emily Mortimer Polly Duport
Julian Wadham General Liddament
Sonia Ritter Ada
John Standing Nicholas Jenkins
Nicola Walker Gypsy Jones
Jamie Glover Robert Tolland
Bobby Webster Templer as a Student
Gillian Bevan Mrs. Andriadis
Frederick Treves Jimmy Stripling
James Villiers Buster Foxe
Colin Baker Canon Fenneau
Jeremy Brudenell Bill Truscott
Harriet Walter Mildred
Ann Castle Lady Walpole Wilson
Stephen Ilett Briefing Officer
Jeremy Child Roddy Cuts
Deborah Cornelius Lady McReith
Chris Lang Chips Lovell
Mark Dexter Tompsitt
Daniel Kruyer Chauffeur
Rohan McCullough Flavia Wisebite
Danny Worters Nicholas (as a Boy)
Oliver Fox Johnny Pardoe
Richard Leaf Barnabas Henderson
Robert Pugh Biggs
Katy Cavanagh-Jupe Billson
Jamie Hinde Jimmy Brent
Sarah Crowden Miss Orchard
Kate Isitt Barbara Goring
Matthew Scurfield Finn
Christopher Luscombe Curator
Matthew Sim Scorpio Murtlock
Rupert Vansittart Soper
Grant Parsons Max Pilgrim
Nicola King Mrs. Jenkins
Erica Rossi Ena
David MacCreedy Bracey
Bill Moody Barman
Amy Phillips Jean as a Student
Judith Paris Mrs. Foxe
Abigail Snow Pauline
David Webb Chaplain
Michael Wade Dr. Brandreth
Rupert Wickham Jimmy Stripling
Amanda Walker Mrs. Conyers
Tam Williams Budd
Tim Wylton Albert
David Yelland Mr. Jenkins
Carmen Gómez Rosie Mansach
Laura Heath Fiona Cuts
Rachel Lumberg Judy
Danny Midwinter Chuck
William Boyde Edward VIII
Polly Duniam Amanda Quiggin as a Child
Sophie Duniam Belinda Quiggin as a Child
Jill Goldston Guest
Mary Lincoln Mrs. Simpson
Peter Mackriel Gossage
Michael Mansbridge Musician
Obsah: Anthony Powell's twelve volume novel sequence "A Dance to the Music of Time" has been dramatized for television.
Epizody: Season 1, Episode 1: The Twenties (Original Air Date: 9 Oct. 1997)
In flashback to 1920's Britain, Nicholas Jenkins reminisces about his school days, where he met Widmerpool and Jean.

Season 1, Episode 2: The Thirties (Original Air Date: 16 Oct. 1997)
Jenkins reconnects with Stringham and Widmerpool and meets Quiggan. Widmerpool is articled to a solicitor but intends to go into business and politics as well.

Season 1, Episode 3: The War (Original Air Date: 23 Oct. 1997)
Nicholas joins up to fight WWII. He is assigned to assist now-Major Widmerpool. Priscilla leaves her husband to live with Odo Stevens. When Widmerpool is promoted, Nicholas is transferred to Major Pennistone's Polish liaison staff. Femme fatale Pamela Flitton uses men and throws them away; her contempt sends Peter Templer into the secret service. She becomes engaged to Widmerpool and tells Nicholas that Widmerpool is responsible for Templer's death.

Season 1, Episode 4: Post War (Original Air Date: 30 Oct. 1997)
Ten years after the end of WWII, Quiggin starts a literary magazine. Pamela leaves MP Widmerpool for X Trapnel but eventually returns. As the 1960's progress, Widmerpool becomes college chancellor and winds up servant to a cult, Jean & Bob's daughter becomes a film star, and Nicholas' acquaintances continue to pass away.

Místa natáčení: City of London, England, UK, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, UK, Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England, UK, Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England, UK, Knebworth House, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, UK, Luton Hoo Estate, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, UK, St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Churchyard, City of London, England, UK, Wyfold Court, Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Trailery: A Dance To The Music Of Time
A Dance To The Music Of Time: Post War
A Dance To The Music Of Time: The War
A Dance To The Music Of Time: The Thirties
A Dance To The Music Of Time: The Twenties
Soundtrack: There are 1 soundtracks listed - like these:
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Twentieth Century Blues Noël Coward (**(uncredited)

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