A Country Practice (1994)

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A Country Practice original title
A Country Practice Australia
Typ: TV Series
Série: 1
Rok: 1994
Délka: 50 minutes
Rating: 5.9
Hlasování: 33
Jazyk: English
Země: Australia
Žánr: Drama
Všechny žánry: Drama
Barvy: Color
Jméno Role
Peter Dodds (7 episodes, 1994)
Chris Martin-Jones (5 episodes, 1994)
Julian McSwiney (3 episodes, 1994)
Richard Sarell (3 episodes, 1994)
Ian Watson (3 episodes, 1994)
Richard Jasek (2 episodes, 1994)
Steve Jodrell (2 episodes, 1994)
Denny Lawrence (2 episodes, 1994)
Sophia Turkiewicz (2 episodes, 1994)
Lex Marinos (1 episode, 1994)
Tina Butler (unknown episodes)
Jméno Role
David Phillips (4 episodes, 1994)
Lynn Bayonas (3 episodes, 1994)
Howard Griffiths (3 episodes, 1994)
Graeme Koetsveld (3 episodes, 1994)
David Boutland (2 episodes, 1994)
Judith Colquhoun (2 episodes, 1994)
Peter Gawler (2 episodes, 1994)
Ray Harding (2 episodes, 1994)
Andrew Kelly (2 episodes, 1994)
Jeff Truman (2 episodes, 1994)
Linda Aronson (1 episode, 1994)
Susan Bower (1 episode, 1994)
Catherine Millar (1 episode, 1994)
Leon Saunders (1 episode, 1994)
Robyn Sinclair (1 episode, 1994)
Margaret Morgan (unknown episodes)
Jméno Role
James Davern executive producer (unknown episodes)
Robyn Sinclair executive producer (unknown episodes)
Jméno Role
Joan Sydney Maggie Morrison
Andrew Blackman Dr. Harry Morrison
Paul Gleeson Ian McIntyre
Claudia Black Clare Bonacci
Vince Colosimo Harry Sabatini
Laura Armstrong Georgie Wilkes
Jane Hall Dr. Jess Morrison
Joyce Jacobs Esme Watson
Katherine Murray Fred Bates
Alyce Platt Sarah Wilks
Christopher Lyons Miles Ferdenbach
Lance Anderson Harry
Katy Brinson Adrienne Lawson
Clarissa House Dr. June Munroe
Don Munro Ray Cropp
Craig Adams Christian Black
Keith Agius Simon Wilson
Soula Alexander Vicki Davies
Maurie Annese Kosta Vlahos
John Arnold Wally
Shanyn Asmar Marnie Baker
Geoffrey Baird Dr. Meadows
Andrew Bibby Jeremy Lalor
Robin Bisset Ida Potter
Madeleine Blackwell Sharon Lalor
Daniel Bowden Brent Moffat
John Bowman Mr. Souness
David Bradshaw Max Riley
Jennifer Bray Belinda Perry
Bianca Briam Louise McIntyre
Adam Briscomb Dr. Jeremy Hill
Terry Brittingham Peter Hayman
Che Broadbent Shane Spargo
Robyn Butler Lesley O'Brien
Susanne Chapman Roxanne Luger
Sammy Chen Mr. Ng
Jack Davis Damian Mackenzie
Julie Day Mrs. Tate
John Dicks Gideon Fraser
Steady Eddy Matt Norman
Meg Elkins Hilary
Cliff Ellen Angus Coe
John Felpas Peter Vlahos
Mark Fitzpatrick Ben
Michael Fry Phil Lawson
Annie Gagliardi Nikki
Michael Gamble Client
Terry Gill Lachie Morrison
Annika Glac Stephanie Ray
Chris Gregory Luke
Stephen Hall Dennis Chubb
Brian Hannan Rex Craven
Marieke Hardy Yesterday Hubble
Peter Hardy Steve Atkinson
Stuart Harper David Lawson
Edward Hepple Stan Potter
Kevin Hopkins Tom Johnson
Fletcher Humphrys Gary Van Loon
Sue Ingleton Meredith Baldwin
Rosemary Johns Margaret Johnson
Matthew Ketteringham Josh Hayman
Alan King Jimmy O'Neil
John Klaus Mr. Piper
Peter Knowles Leonard Perkins
Christopher Lee Rick Warren
Effie Lolas Angela Vlahos
Khym Mallyon Lana
Elena Mandalis Aleki Vlahos
Marijke Mann Rita Courtney
Dino Marnika Theo O'Brien
Monica Maughan Peg Reynolds
Tammy McCarthy Marea Davis
Rebecca McCauley Liz Kelly
Caitlin McDougall Jacqueline Norris
Helen McFarlane Amy - Pregnant Girl
Alethea McGrath Aunty Vera
Kris McQuade Helen Ross
Zach Meyers Kieren Ryan
Margaret Mills Janey Brown
Noel Mitchell Chemist
Terry Moore Wayne Wilson
Robert Morgan Brian Moffat
Darren Mort Bruce Monk
Peter Murphy Robert Lalor
Iain Murton Allan Clitheroe
Richard Neal Rob Chambers
Peggy Nicholls Mrs. Parkins
Felix Nobis Andrew Monroe
Jane Nolan Julie Strickland
Josie Noviello Mrs. Pollini
Lorraine O'Reilly Mrs. Dawson
Claudia Odgers Keanu
Geoff Paine Robbie McIntyre
John Paisley Turps
Greg Parker Barry Heath
Matt Parkinson Lance Cotton
Agnieszka Perepeczko Sophia Sabatini
Darius Perkins Graham Irving
Michelle Pettigrove Kate Bryant
George Prataris Dimitri Vlahos
Kristie Raymond Sandy
Jeffery Richards Tony
Damien Richardson Daryl Perry
Colwyn Roberts Bruce Smith
Peter Roberts Bruce
Penny Schlam Counter Attendant
Francesca Sciacca Shelly Grant
Stephen Sculley Joe Kants
Sean Scully Keith Jacobs
Jenny Seedsman Marion Collas
Michael Seymour Male Nurse
Kahli Sneddon Bridie Johnson
Dale Stevens Sister Quirke
Peter Stratford Don Parkes
David Swann Darryn Floyd
Susan Tan Airline Clerk
Leo Taylor Paddy Courtney
Paul Teiwes Taxi Driver
Melissa Thomas Nicole Andrews
Drew Tingwell Teacher
Doug Tremlett Rick 'Rumbles' Malby
Marie Trevor Cynthia Tucker
Zbych Trofimiuk Sean Brown
Adam Turnbull Crackers
Anna Vercoe Nurse
Anne Vercue Nurse
Ann Viass Sister
Francine McAsey Club Patron
Obsah: After finishing a 12 year run on the Seven Network, A Country Practice returned to Network Ten with a mainly new cast for 30 further episodes.
Epizody: Season 1, Episode 1: Straight from the Heart (Original Air Date: 13 Apr. 1994)
With the destruction of the fire now just a memory, the community of Wandin Valley is busy rebuilding. Construction on the new Community Health Centre nears completion as Dr. Harry Morrison awaits the return of his wife Kate from China. He is shocked however to receive a letter from Kate indicating that not only will she not be returning, she plans to file for a divorce as well. As Harry struggles to come to terms with this news he diagnoses Elizabeth Kelly, a bride-to-be and friend of Kate's, with a heart murmur and oversees her treatment, going so far as to travel ...

Season 1, Episode 2: Love Potion Number Nine (Original Air Date: 20 Apr. 1994)
A longstanding feud between the two sides of the Vlahos family resurfaces on a bridge on the outskirts of Wandin Valley. Adding to the troubles is Claire, who has hired their rival businesses to finish renovations on the clinic. Troubles arise when Kosta reads his younger sister's fantasy-filled diary in which the subject of her writings is Peter Vlahos, a member of other side of the family. Jumping to conclusions, Kosta attacks Peter and retaliation soon follows bringing Danny into the midst of the feud. Fed up with Danny's slow response to what Esme believes to be a...

Season 1, Episode 3: The Trouble with Women (Original Air Date: 27 Apr. 1994)
After knocking over a woman in the airport with his golf bag, Harry joins her in the airport lounge as they wait for their flights, allowing them to get to know one another over a few drinks. She tells Harry how she too has just been dumped and Harry allows her to leave under the impression that he is a professional golfer. An exhausted Harry returns to Wandin Valley, and after a terse encounter with Matron Sloan, she asks him to be a "big brother" to her step-daughter, Jess Morrison, who will be arriving in town shortly to begin her practice as the town's new vet. ...

Season 1, Episode 4: Best of Friends (Original Air Date: 4 May 1994)
On a routine trip into the nation park, Ian discovers evidence that a dog fighting ring may be in the area, and when Kane disappears, finding the group takes on a greater urgency for the Park Ranger. Meanwhile, Dennis Chubb, himself an owner of an aggressive dog, is approached by Max Riley, the organiser of the dog fights, who wants to recruit Dennis's dog. Max's assurances that no harm will come to the dogs involved, and a large sum of money, prove too great a temptation for Dennis who reluctantly gets involved with the illegal fights.

Season 1, Episode 5: Too Young (Original Air Date: 11 May 1994)
Claire tracks down Gary, a young father who left a frantic message on the health centre's answering machine. He tells her he is raising his son on his own after the child's mother walked out on them. Claire decides to let him stay at Willow Tree until better arrangements can be made. Soon after, Danny receives a missing persons report on the boy and his son. Danny picks up the Shelly, the child's mother, and brings her to Willow Tree to reunite her with her child. In the midst of an argument between the young couple, Shelly tells Gary that he is not the child's father...

Season 1, Episode 6: Mother's Day (Original Air Date: 18 May 1994)
Danny's worst fear has been realised-his mother is coming to visit. Her quick arrival at Willow Tree is uneventful however as she doesn't have a problem with her son living with Claire, she does however ask him to move back to the city. Danny tells her he won't be moving back, nor will he leave the police service, which is what he believe she really wants.

Season 1, Episode 7: The Grass Is Greener (Original Air Date: 30 Jul. 1994)
Jess must call in the Department of Agriculture when she suspects Steve Atkinson's cows have contracted foot-and-mouth disease. Mr. Atkinson threatens to file a lawsuit against Jess after she implies in a television interview that he carried the disease back from overseas. Jess is heartbroken at the prospect of having to put down Brenda as a result of the outbreak. Brenda is the one and only cow owned by Stan and Ida Potter, an elderly couple living next door to Atkinson. Brenda is their pride and joy, their "reason for getting up in the morning" as Jess explains. ...

Season 1, Episode 8: There Was a Crooked Man (Original Air Date: 25 May 1994)
The Norman brothers have brought their travelling "inspirational show" to Wandin Valley. After seeing their performance at the club however, Maggie Sloan believes that Luke Norman is "parading his brother's disability for profit." Matt Norman has cerebral palsy and sings about his experiences in the show alongside his brother. Esme on the other hand is quick to pick up on their inspirational message, going so far as to stop taking her medication to pursue alternative therapies. Meanwhile, Luke Norman has taken in interest in Claire, and she in return invites him to ...

Season 1, Episode 9: His Own Medicine (Original Air Date: 4 Jun. 1994)
It's the evening of the Rotary Club dinner and Harry has been chosen as the keynote speaker. Unfortunately a few too many pre-speech drinks result in a rather unpleasant scene for all involved. As Harry crawls into work the next morning late, Matron Sloan is on hand to let him know what a disgrace he was the night before-not just to himself but to the entire medical community. As his patients desert him in favour of Claire, and Maggie continues to hound him about the previous night, comparing his continually degrading performance and appearance to the high standards ...

Season 1, Episode 10: Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Original Air Date: 11 Jun. 1994)
As the Mid-Winter Feast draws closer, the single population of Wandin Valley are looking for dates. After Jess's failed attempt to ask Harry, Matron Sloan provides Claire the opening she needs to nab Harry for the event herself.

Season 1, Episode 11: Indiscreet (Original Air Date: 18 Jun. 1994)
While introducing Danny to the game of golf, Harry is called away in response to an emergency call from a motel. Arriving at the scene, Harry finds Bob Lalor has suffered a heart attack, but the real shock comes when the motel's manager informs Harry that Bob checked in with another man. Harry tries to keep Bob's secret to himself but soon learns that Sharon Lalor not only knew about her husband's homosexuality but accepted it with the understanding that Bob wouldn't do anything do jeopardise their family. Harry hopes Bob and Sharon will tell their son Jeremy about ...

Season 1, Episode 12: Solomon's Child (Original Air Date: 25 Jun. 1994)
Ian comes to the assistance of Marea Davis, a pregnant woman who is passing through town. She is without money and a place to stay so Ian brings her to Willow Tree. When he takes her into the national park for the day, she goes into labour and Ian must deliver the baby himself. Marea tells everybody that her husband died recently and that she is on her way to the Gold Coast to settle down. However when Marea's sister Jacqueline arrives looking for Marea, the truth is revealed: Marea was acting as a surrogate mother for her sister and brother-in-law (it was ...

Season 1, Episode 13: Where's Wally? (Original Air Date: 2 Jul. 1994)
Matron Sloan arrives at work (on her bicycle) to find the CHC has been broken into during the night. Harry meets Wally, a mysterious man who has arrived in the valley in search of a dialysis machine. Wally finds one at the home of Peg Reynolds. Wally says used to live in the area and that he knows Peg, but neither she nor anyone else knows who the man is. Wally eventually comes clean and tells Harry that he escaped from prison so that he could see his aunt Vera one last time before she dies. Harry sympathises with Wally and drives him to Burrigan so that he may see ...

Season 1, Episode 14: Tuesday's Child (Original Air Date: 9 Jul. 1994)
While driving Janey Brown to the Burrigan hospital for some routine tests, Esme runs off the road. Although it's a minor accident, Janey dies at the scene. Investigating the accident, Danny discovers Esme's driver's license had expired ten days earlier and he immediately suspends her license pending a driving test to prove her competence on the road. Despite autopsy results which reveal Janey died of a ruptured brain aneurysm clearing her of any wrongdoing, Esme still feels responsible and has reservations about ever driving again. Matters seem to be resolved until ...

Season 1, Episode 15: Dirty Washing (Original Air Date: 16 Jul. 1994)
Danny comes under scrutiny for his rough handling of four young men who were causing a disturbance at the club. He is accused of overreacting to the situation and of assaulting one of the intoxicated youth. Killer Burke suspends Danny from work and the town's rumour mill quickly goes into high gear after a psychologist stops by the station to see him. Dr. Collas is the psychologist Danny had been seeing for an incident earlier in his career, her coincidental appearance in the district for a conference and the incident at the club forces Danny to confront his past as ...

Season 1, Episode 16: Thicker Than Water (Original Air Date: 23 Jul. 1994)
Ian's brother flies in for a visit. Ian is excited at the prospect of working with his brother to fix up the family farm but Robbie's intentions are quite different, he wants to sell the farm to finance an ultralight aircraft business. Ian is furious at the thought of selling the farm, which has been in their family for seventy years, and offers to buy out his brother. Robbie balks at Ian's offer and puts the farm on the market. When Robbie fails to arrive in Burrigan for a business meeting, it is assumed he crashed his ultralight in the national park and a search ...

Season 1, Episode 17: Send Me a Dream (Original Air Date: 6 Aug. 1994)
Peter Hayman is a recently widowed plumber who has been out of work for the past six months as a result of a prolapsed disk in his lower back. Claire takes an interest in Peter's young son Josh who has been coming into the health centre to see her. Noticing Josh's many injuries, Claire thinks that his father may be abusing him. After getting to know the boy and his father, Claire confronts Peter with her suspicions. Her accusations are proven to be incorrect but when Josh is hospitalised after a fall, he reveals to Claire that the only time his father spends time with...

Season 1, Episode 18: It's a Wonderful Life (Original Air Date: 13 Aug. 1994)
On the eve of the Burrigan Cup, Lachlan Morrison returns to Wandin Valley from Hong Kong. He claims his globe-trotting days are over and is back for good and while Maggie is thrilled at her husband's return, she is somewhat skeptical about his plans to retire. Jess seems ambivalent about her father's return, and in a conversation with Claire, claims that that she may actually hate her father. While at the Burrigan racetrack, Lachie has an angina attack and is taken to hospital. Jess visits her father and the two begin to talk about their strained relationship. Lachie ...

Season 1, Episode 19: A Taste of Honey (Original Air Date: 20 Aug. 1994)
Harry and Jess get bogged while giving Cynthia Tucker and her goat a ride home. After exiting Harry's vehicle to plan their next move, they watch as Graham Irving crashes his airplane nearby. Rushing to the scene of the accident, Harry stays with Graham while Jess and Cynthia go for help. When Cynthia casually mentions to Jess that Graham is a diabetic, Jess rushes back to inform Harry. Unfortunately Maggie had borrowed Harry's glucometer and without it Harry is unwilling to gamble on treatment. As Graham's condition deteriorates, Jess convinces Harry to act and he ...

Season 1, Episode 20: Tunnel Vision (Original Air Date: 27 Aug. 1994)
Angus Coe, the caretaker of the Wandin Valley Flyer, a historic steam powered locomotive, vehemently opposes the Historical Society's decision to turn his train into a stationary monument. He wants to see the local rail line saved as well so that the Flyer can continue to run. When Harry informs Angus that he has glaucoma, Angus is forced to accept that his days of driving the Flyer are over ¶ but before the rail line is dug up, Angus decides to make one more run. Unbeknownst to Angus, a court injunction has postponed the destruction of the tracks, literally stopping ...

Season 1, Episode 21: Pegasus (Original Air Date: 3 Sep. 1994)
Bridie Johnson is a young girl fighting cancer. Jess first meets Bridie while doing some work on her father's farm and quickly develops a rapport with the girl, but after learning about Bridie's cancer, Jess has a difficult time relating to her. After Bridie is rushed to the Burrigan hospital, her doctors discover she has a tumour in her lung for which nothing can be done. Jess is reluctant to return to the hospital where he father died until Harry agrees to go with her to visit Bridie. With no reason for her to remain in hospital, Bridie returns home. Bridie's father...

Season 1, Episode 22: Keeping the Faith (Original Air Date: 10 Sep. 1994)
The decision to reroute a high voltage power line through Wandin Valley has stirred up controversy. Meredith Baldwin, the town's resident protester, has chained herself to the front entrance of Ian and Jess's offices (Ian had the lines moved so they would bypass a Koala habitat) and is drawing an audience with her accusations that the lines cause cancer. Not happy about her doorstep being used for a pulpit, Jess calls on Danny to remove Meredith. Witnessing the event is Ian's cousin Louise, she is staying at Willow Tree while her father is away. Louise's mother ...

Season 1, Episode 23: On the Edge (Original Air Date: 17 Sep. 1994)
Ian discovers Claire and Danny's relationship when he returns home from a gig at the club to find Danny in Claire's bed. The following day, Ian and Danny are thrown together to supervise a group of children who have been assigned to clean up the national park as punishment for spray painting Father Lalor's car. Chasing after Miles Ferdenbach after he takes her camera, Georgie ends up stranded on a ledge. Danny rescues her but slips and falls to the bottom of the cliff requiring Ian to come to his rescue. Back in town, Harry has caught the eye of one of his young ...

Season 1, Episode 24: Running Wild (Original Air Date: 24 Sep. 1994)
After her husband's death, Helen Ross took over the operation of their horse breeding business, but her mares have suddenly began aborting their foals putting Helen's business in jeopardy. Suspicion immediately falls upon a brumby that has been roaming the national park and it is believed that this horse is spreading the equine herpes virus to Helen's horses. Helen wants the horse killed to protect her horses but Harry, who has his eye on the brumby for himself, wants it spared. Town counsel however responds to the community's concern for their livestock and gives ...

Season 1, Episode 25: Family Business (Original Air Date: 1 Oct. 1994)
Phil Lawson, Wandin Valley's new chemist, arrives in town with his family. Unfortunately, David Lawson takes after his father in the way he treats those around him. Not long after meeting Georgie, David punches her in the nose following a minor disagreement and soon after that incident, Ian catches David beating Kane with a stick. The day after Danny's visit to the Lawson home in response to a reported disturbance, Phil Lawson's physical abuse of his wife quickly becomes the talk of the town. Having seen her at the clinic a few times, Claire befriends Adrienne Lawson ...

Season 1, Episode 26: Family Tree (Original Air Date: 8 Oct. 1994)
Georgie is excited. Her mother has been seeing Dr. Morrison a lot lately and Georgie thinks that there may be a relationship in the works. For Sarah Wilks however, the last thing on her mind is her social life. During a routine examine at the CHC, a lump was detected in her breast. Throughout her ordeal, Sarah keeps her daughter in the dark as to what is happening, but this only confirms Georgie's original assessment of the situation. Overhearing a conversation between her mother and Claire, Georgie begins to learn the seriousness of her mother's illness. Faced with a...

Season 1, Episode 27: Survivors (Original Air Date: 15 Oct. 1994)
It's Lake Day and all of Wandin Valley is perched around the local fishing hole hoping to come away with the "big one." The relative serenity is broken however as Kane makes his way from angler to angler with a live grenade in his mouth. Harry is the first of the otherwise distracted parties to take notice and after a few tense moments, the dog is finally disarmed. Investigating the incident, Ian and Danny trace the grenade back to Keith Jacobs' property. Keith Jacobs, a powerful lawyer in the district, is a collector of weapons who is passing on his survivalist ...

Season 1, Episode 28: Little Girl Lost (Original Air Date: 22 Oct. 1994)
It's Georgie's birthday but unfortunately, her father seems to have forgotten. Missing her dad, and armed with her birthday money, Georgie slips away from her party and sets off for Sydney. Having successfully reached Magnolia Vale by train, Georgie's plans go awry when she losses her money. As if her situation isn't bad enough, Georgie isn't feeling well, and back in Wandin Valley, Harry believes she may have appendicitis. Heading up the search for Georgie are Danny and Ian, but despite their efforts they always seem to find themselves two steps behind the young ...

Season 1, Episode 29: Love Me Do (Original Air Date: 29 Oct. 1994)
Called out to the scene of a car accident, Harry is shocked to find Kate Bryant, his ex-wife, already there. On leave from her job in China, Kate has been staying with her parents in Melbourne and is in Burrigan to give a workshop. The unexpected reunion reopens old wounds as Harry and Kate discuss the reasons behind their break up. Following a heated conversation at the health centre, Kate phones up Harry at home to see if she can come over to talk. Wanting to give Harry an opportunity to "tie off" his relationship with Kate, Jess allows them some time to themselves....

Season 1, Episode 30: Future Perfect (Original Air Date: 5 Nov. 1994)
Esme is heading up preparations for the upcoming Wandin Valley Fair from which the community is hoping to raise enough money to purchase their own ambulance. Discouraged by the community's lack of spirit in their efforts, Esme is in the CHC when she suffers a stroke. Upon arriving at the hospital in Burrigan, Esme's condition is not encouraging. Esme regains consciousness but is paralysed down one side of her body and is unable to speak. Maggie oversees Esme's recovery as she battles to overcome the frustration of her condition. With Esme in hospital, the community ...

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