Aftermath (2016)

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Aftermath original title
Aftermath Canada French title
Aftermath Canada English title
Aftermath Germany
Последствия Russia
Последице Serbia
Aftermath USA
Typ: TV Series
Klíčová slova: set in u.s.a., americanized, american played by canadian, washington state, united states of america
Série: 1
Rok: 2016
Délka: 60 minutes
Země Rating
Germany 18
United States TV-14
Rating: 4.9
Hlasování: 4251
Jazyk: English
Země: Canada
Žánr: Sci-Fi
Všechny žánry: Sci-Fi
Barvy: Color
Jméno Role
Kaare Andrews (2 episodes, 2016)
Leslie Hope (2 episodes, 2016)
James Marshall (2 episodes, 2016)
April Mullen (2 episodes, 2016)
Stefan Pleszczynski (2 episodes, 2016)
Jason Stone (2 episodes, 2016)
Mike Rohl (1 episode, 2016)
Jméno Role
Glenn Davis (created by) (13 episodes, 2016)
Glenn Davis (written by) (13 episodes, 2016)
William Laurin (created by) (13 episodes, 2016)
William Laurin (written by) (13 episodes, 2016)
Sean Alexander (junior story editor) (11 episodes, 2016)
Sean Alexander (written by) (11 episodes, 2016)
Sarah Larson (junior story editor) (11 episodes, 2016)
Vince Shiao (story coordinator) (11 episodes, 2016)
Vince Shiao (written by) (11 episodes, 2016)
Philip Bedard (written by) (3 episodes, 2016)
Larry Lalonde (written by) (3 episodes, 2016)
Adriana Maggs (written by) (2 episodes, 2016)
Denis McGrath (written by) (2 episodes, 2016)
Sarah Larsen (written by) (1 episode, 2016)
Jméno Role
Philip Bedard co-executive producer (13 episodes, 2016)
Suzanne L. Berger producer (13 episodes, 2016)
D.J. Carson producer (13 episodes, 2016)
Connie Dolphin producer (13 episodes, 2016)
Larry Lalonde co-executive producer (13 episodes, 2016)
Jason Stone consulting producer (13 episodes, 2016)
Glenn Davis executive producer (10 episodes, 2016)
William Laurin executive producer (10 episodes, 2016)
Adriana Maggs consulting producer (10 episodes, 2016)
Denis McGrath consulting producer (10 episodes, 2016)
Jméno Role
Andrew Lockington (13 episodes, 2016)
Michael White (13 episodes, 2016)
Jméno Role
James Tupper Joshua Copeland
Anne Heche Karen Copeland
Levi Meaden Matt Copeland
Taylor Hickson Brianna Copeland
Julia Sarah Stone Dana Copeland
Louis Ferreira Bob 'Moondog' Black
Janet Kidder Aunt Sally
Mitchell Kummen Devyn
Sarah Dugdale Sarah
Peter Bryant Dr. Rawlins
Patti Kim Woman (Tanisha)
Sharon Taylor Jane
Madison Smith Martin Winters
Wayne Brady Lamar 'Booner' Boone
Adrian Hough Reverend Brother
Steve Bacic Jeff Cottrell
Crystal Balint Audrene
Havana Guppy Mary
Jill Morrison Joanne Gadecki
Caroline Cave Elena
Bernie Yao Donald Chang
Devielle Johnson Reservist Guard
Nils Hognestad Goat
Gwenda Lorenzetti Woman
Jason Gray-Stanford Sheriff Dawkins
Leslie Hope Dr. Gloria Douglas
Jeremy Jones Farm Feverhead Rob
Michael J Rogers Monk
Timothy Webber Ewan
Christine Willes The Nurse
Dani Alvarado Rafaella
Farrah Aviva Carly
Emmanuel Bempong Teenage Boy
Jason Deline Deputy Jacobs
Rebecca Husain Corinne
Chelsey Reist Anna
Carmel Amit Elyse
Aaron Craven Jones
Matt Kennedy Becker
Winnie Nowell Mrs. Adelstein
Milo Shandel Doc
Cole Vigue Steve
Sean Amsing Iggy
C. Ernst Harth Junkman
Patrick Roccas Bram
Jim Shield Harry
William Vaughan Coe
Antonio Cayonne Scott
Max Chadburn Tatiana
Kaaren de Zilva Waitress
Jesse Haddock Mike
Scott McNeil Little Mike
Sean Owen Roberts Garner
Victor Zinck Jr. Young Bennett
Boyd Ferguson Party Goer 1
Ash Lee Vince Chang
Darren Moore Skinny Jardin
Colleen Rennison Franny
Ingrid Tesch Ella
Beau Daniels Elder Bennett
Shemus Dean French Fry
Emily Herbison Banshee
Gary Jones Barry
Alana LaMalice Party Goer 2
John Murphy Norm
Ian Cameron Fiddle Player
Leif Havdale Feverhead Patient
Colin Naples The Chemist
Ingrid Nilson Jesse
Murry Peeters Maizie
Carlos Rodriguez Sentry
Ryan Scramstad Jonny the Guard
Rhys Williams Camper
Jared Ager-Foster Ten-Boy
Donna Benedicto Ala
John Callander Gas Attendant
Cassandra Ebner Roz
Courtney Richter Supportive Wife
Rachel Warkentin Rachel
Iain Belcher Jaimo
Veronika Hadrava Feverhead 1
Victoria Katongo Cindy
Christiaan Westerveld Sickly Man
Thomas Elms Josh Senior
Lauren McNamara Sherry
Giovanni Mocibob Shell-Shocked Guy
Corey Schmitt Lar
Nikolai Witschl Feverhead 2
Eric Banerd Gate Guard
Shawn Beaton Feverhead Maniac
Sean Campbell Harvey
Yusuf A. Ahmed Mikey
Kory Grim Feverhead Maniac
Trevor Jones Feverhead Maniac
Jaeson Lee Phil
Lars Grant Mud Guy
Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce Ballgown Guy
Carol Alexander Female Broadcaster
Clay St. Thomas Male Broadcaster 1
Doc Harris Male Broadcaster 2
Ryan Bruce Kevin Bailor
Joel McGowan Monkey Feverhead
Matthew Mylrea FeverHead #1
Mathias Retamal Hunter #3
Obsah: The Copeland family battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague - and the rise of supernatural creatures.
Epizody: Season 1, Episode 1: RVL 6768 (Original Air Date: 27 Sep. 2016)
In the face of natural disasters, supernatural creatures, and a horrifying plague, the Copeland Family fights to survive the end of the world.

Season 1, Episode 2: In Rats Alley (Original Air Date: 4 Oct. 2016)
As the Copelands continue their quest to find their daughter, they encounter, catastrophic solar flares, demons, and beasts that were once mythological, but are now terrifyingly real.

Season 1, Episode 3: In Our Empty Rooms (Original Air Date: 11 Oct. 2016)
While their kidnapped daughter is taken in by a religious commune led by the mysterious Reverend Brother, the Copelands meet the only man with the cure to the plague.

Season 1, Episode 4: Fever of the Bone (Original Air Date: 18 Oct. 2016)
A horde of vicious feverheads and flesh-eating parasites trap the Copelands at a plague isolation unit.

Season 1, Episode 5: A Clatter and a Chatter (Original Air Date: 25 Oct. 2016)
The family seem to have found the perfect place to hold up when Karen bumps into an old friend who seems a little too flirty for Joshua's liking. Karen is the only one to hear the cries of a Banshee and Aunt Sally fights her way back to her family.

Season 1, Episode 6: Madame Sosostris (Original Air Date: 1 Nov. 2016)
When the family splits up, Josh leads half the party to a nearby university to find a seemingly prophetic professor, while Karen leads the others to a nearby summer camp on what should be a safe resupply mission.

Season 1, Episode 7: What the Thunder Said (Original Air Date: 8 Nov. 2016)
With volcanic Mount Rainier about to erupt, a mysterious figure tells the family their only salvation is back on the deadly mountain.

Season 1, Episode 8: Here Is No Water But Only Rock (Original Air Date: 15 Nov. 2016)
As devastation looms, and with her family struggling to survive an eruption, Karen's visions reveal signs that might be the key to everything.

Season 1, Episode 9: The Barbarous King (Original Air Date: 22 Nov. 2016)
The Copelands are accosted by a gang of bikers led by a figure from Karen's past, but when shapeshifters appear, it's hard to know who to trust.

Season 1, Episode 10: Hieronymo's Mad Againe (Original Air Date: 29 Nov. 2016)
With a family member showing plague symptoms, the Copelands go on a desperate hunt to find tetracycline, but strangers can be just as desperate.

Season 1, Episode 11: Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones (Original Air Date: 6 Dec. 2016)
With a family member on the verge of death, the Copelands resort to desperate measures.

Season 1, Episode 12: Now That We Talk of Dying (Original Air Date: 13 Dec. 2016)
Pursued by new enemies and racing against the clock, the Copelands need to find the man who holds all the answers.

Season 1, Episode 13: Whispers of Immortality (Original Air Date: 20 Dec. 2016)
The end of the world has arrived, and the Copelands must use every ally and every bit of knowledge they possess to survive. It still might not be enough.

Místa natáčení: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, British Columbia, Canada
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